Abid Hussain Committee and Kapoor Committee

      Accounting Standard (AS‑7) on Accounting for Construction Contracts

      Ad hoc or Temporary Limits

      Advance Against Goods Sent on Consignment Basis

      Advance Against Retention Money

      Advance Against Undrawn Balance

      Advance Payment Received

      Advance, Classification of

      Advances against Banks own Deposits

      Advances Against Claims of Duty Drawback

      Advances against Export Bills Sent on Collection

      Advances Against Government Securities, National Savings Certificates, Post-Office Term Deposits,  etc.

      Advances against Life Insurance Policies

      Advances Against Relief Bonds

      Advances Against Shares/Debentures etc., Revised Guidelines for

      Advising and Confirming Export Letters of Credit

      Agriculture, Advances for

      All India Financial Institutions, Other


      Annual Operating Statement for Construction Companies


      Application Forms for Financial Assistance from Banks

      Arbitration Scheme to Speed up Recovery Process

      Artisans, Village and Cottage Industries, Facilities to

      Association of Commercial Banks with the Project Appraisal Undertaken by all India Financial  Institution

      ATM Cards

      Audit Report for Non‑Corporate Borrowers

      Audit Report, Specimen of an Unqualified

      Balance Sheet and P & L A/c

      Balance Sheet for Non‑Corporate Manufacturing Entities

      Balance Sheet for Non‑Corporate Trading Entities

      Balance Sheet, RBI Guidelines for Classification of Various Items of

      Bank Advance for Construction Companies

      Bank Advance for Film Industry

      Bank Advances Against Miscellaneous Securities

      Bank Advances Against Shares, Debentures, Units and Bonds

      Bank Charges

      Bank Finance & Lending Norms for Leasing & Hire Purchase Concerns

      Bank Loans for Financing Promoters Contribution

      Banks, Facilities Available from

      Borrowal Accounts, Review of

      Break‑even Analysis

      Bridge Loans, Granting of

      Caps and Collars

      Cash Budget, Draft

      Cash Credit Limit, Bifurcation of

      Cash Credit Limits against Book Debts

      Cash Credit, Loan and Bills Facilities, Continuation of

      Cash Flow

      Charge, Registration of

      Charges, Types of

      Charging of Securities and Documentation

      Charging of Securities and Documentation

      Chore Committee

      CMA Data Base Forms

      Co‑acceptance of Bills

      Commercial Bank vis‑a‑vis Granting of Term Loans

      Commercial Banks, Role of

      Commercial Paper, Issue of

      Commercial Viability

      Concession to Trade & Industry in State of Jammu & Kashmir

      Consignment export to CIS and East European Countries

      Consortium Advances

      Consortium of Banks and Financial Institutions

      Convertibility Clause

      Credit Available on Purchases

      Credit Cards

      Credit Exposure to Industry or Certain Sectors

      Credit Limits by Banks, Sanctioning of

      Creditors Ratio

      Currency Futures

      Currency Option

      Currency Options and FEDAI Guidelines

      Current Assets, Level of

      Current Ratio

      Debit Cards/Smart Cards

      Debt Equity Ratio

      Debt Equity Ratio

      Debt Service Coverage Ratio

      Debtors Ratio

      Debts, Recovery of

      Default Control Measures

      Deferred Payment Guarantees (DPGs) by Banks Exclusively for Financing of Project, Issue of

      Diamond Exporters, Banking Facilities to

      Disbursement and Utilisation of Loan

      Documentation and Disbursement of Rupee Term Loans


      Domestic Resources Cost

      Drawee Bill Scheme

      ECB, Procedure for Raising

      ECB Application for permission to raise External Commercial Borrowings under Short Term  Loan/Credit /USD 5/10 million Scheme

      ECB 2: Details of Actual Transactions of Foreign Currency Loans/Financial Lease (Other Than  Short‑term Foreign Currency Loans)

      ECB 5: Statement Showing Drawals, Utilisation, Repayment and Outstandings of Short‑term Foreign  Currency Loan/ Credit for the Month ended

      ECB Approval, Format for Providing Information to Department of Economic Affairs.Ministry of  Finance for Seeking

      ECB Guidelines ‑ Modifications Issued in February, 2000

      ECB Guidelines ‑ Modifications Issued in June, 2000

      ECB Guidelines ‑ Modifications Issued in September, 2000

      ECB Guidelines ‑ Modifications Issued in July, 2002

      ECB Guidelines ‑ Modifications Issued in September, 2002

      ECB Guidelines ‑ Modifications Issued in November, 2003

      ECB, FEMA Regulations

      ECB, Govt. Policy on

      ECB, Modes of Raising

      ECB, Procedure for Raising under Automatic

      ECB, Sources of

      ECBs, Types of


      Environmental & Economic Viability

      Equipment Leasing & Hire Purchase Companies, No Bridge Loan/Interim Finance to

      Equipment Leasing (EL) Companies, Bank Finance to

      Estimated Profitability Statement

      Exchange Risk

      Exchange Risk Management, RBI Guidelines on

      Exchange Risk Management, RBI Regulations on

      Exim Bank Finance

      Exim,Bank, Addresses of Offices of

      Exim Bank, Financing Programmes

      Exim Bank, Goods Eligible for Finance under Commercial Export Credit

      Exim Bank, Promotional Programmes

      Exim Bank's Foreign Currency Preshipment Credit (FCPC Scheme)

      Export Credit in Foreign Currency

      Export Credit

      Export Finance for Storing and Sale through Warehouses Abroad

      Export Guarantees

      Exports of Goods for Exhibition and Sale

      Exports on consignment basis to Russian Federation against Repayments of State Credits

      Exposure to Unsecured Guarantees and Unsecured Advances

      External Commercial Borrowings

      External Commercial Borrowings, Guidelines on Policies and Procedures for 1999‑2000

      Factoring by ECGC

      Factoring by SIDBI

      Factoring Services by Banks, RBI Guidelines on


      Finance to Hi‑Tech Agricultural Projects

      Finance, Means of

      Finance, Raising of

      Finance, Sources of

      Financial Appraisal by Commercial Banks Techniques of

      Financial Stake of the Promoters/Owners and Solvency of the Concern

      Financial Structure

      Financial Viability

      Financing 'Infrastructure Projects', Guidelines on

      Financing of Cost Overrun of Projects

      Financing of Infrastructure Projects

      Financing the Sales Receivables

      Fixed‑rate Borrowings

      Food and Agro‑Based Processing Sector

      Foreign Currency Loan from IDBI, Obtaining

      Foreign Currency Loans from Financial Institutions and Banks

      Foreign Currency Loans, Methods of Raising

      Foreign Currency, Selection of

      Foreign Currency‑Rupee Swaps

      Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India (FEDAI)

      Foreign Exchange Management (Borrowing or Lending in Foreign Exchange) Regulations, 2000, Text of

      Foreign Exchange Management (Foreign Exchange Derivative Contracts) Regulations, 2000, Text

      Forfaiting as an Instrument of Export Finance


      Form A : Operating Statement for IT/ Software Companies

      Form B : Analysis of Balance Sheet for IT/Software Companies

      Form C : Projected Cash Budget for a period of 12 months for IT/Software Companies

      Form D: Contract Economics Programming Services/Software Projects etc. for IT/ Software Companies


      Form I : Particulars of the Existing Limits from the Banking System/Financial Institutions (for Leasing & Hire Purchase Concerns)

      Form I : Particulars of the Existing Limits from the Banking System (for Diamond Exporters)


      Form I: Particulars of the Existing/Proposed Limits from the Banking System (For Manufacturers)


      Form I : Particulars of the Existing/Proposed Limits from the Banking System (For Traders and  Merchant Exporters)


      Form II : Assessment of Working Capital Requirements (for Diamond Exporters)

      Form II: Operating Statement (for Leasing & Hire Purchase Concerns)

      Form II : Operating Statement (For Manufacturers)

      Form II : Operating Statement (For Traders & Merchant Exporters)

      Form III: Analysis of Balance Sheet (for Diamond Exporters)

      Form III: Analysis of Balance Sheet (for Leasing & Hire Purchase Concerns)

      Form III: Analysis of Balance Sheet (For Manufacturers)

      Form III: Analysis of Balance Sheet (For Traders & Merchant Exporters)

      Form IV : Assessment of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance for Working Capital (for Leasing &  Hire Purchase Concerns)

      Form IV : Comparative Statement of Current Assets & Current Liabilities (For Manufacturers)

      Form IV: Comparative Statement of Current Assets and Current Liabilities (For Traders & Merchant  Exporters)

      Form V: Computation of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance for Working Capital (For Traders &  Merchant Exporters)

      Form V : Computation of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance for Working Capital (For  Manufacturers)

      Form V : Funds Flow Statement (for Leasing & Hire Purchase Concerns)

      Form V: Statement showing the Total Cost of the Project and Sources of Finance

      Form VI: Funds Flow Statement (For Manufactures)

      Form VI : Funds Flow Statement (For Traders & Merchant Exporters)

      Form of undertaking to be obtained by banks from the clients who have, been extended credit for  doing any business relating to diamonds


      Forward Exchange Contracts

      Forward Exchange Contracts

      Fund Based Facilities

      Funds Flow Statement for Non‑Corporate Borrowers

      General Conditions Applicable for Assistance

      General Insurance Corporation of India

      Gross Profit Ratio



      Half‑yearly Funds Flow Statement Form (B) For Traders& Merchant Exporters

      Half‑yearly Funds Flow Statement Form III(B) For Manufacturers

      Half‑yearly Operating Statement Form III(A) For Manufacturers

      Half‑yearly Operating Statement‑Form III(A) For Traders and Merchant Exporters

      Hedging of Loan Exposures

      Hire Purchase Concerns

      Housing Advances to Institutions/Public Agencies etc.

      Housing Finance

      Housing Loan Scheme of Commercial Banks

      Housing Loans from Other Agencies/ institutions


      ICICI Limited

      IDBI, Financial Services

      IDBI, Lending Policies for Direct Assistance

      IDBI, Lending Policies for Indirect Assistance

      IDBI, Products and Services

      IDBI, Schemes of Finance

      IDFC, Exposure Norms

      IFCI, Comprehensive Corporate Advisory Services

      IFCI, Entrepreneurial Guidance

      IFCI, Financial Services

      IFCI, Project Financing

      IFCI, Registered Office

      IFCI, Restructuring of

      Import of Conflict Diamonds, Embargo on

      Industrial Development Bank of India

      Industrial Development Bank of India, Addresses of Offices of

      Industrial Estates

      Industrial Investment Bank of India Ltd.


      Information relating to Production


      Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Limited

      Infrastructure Lending, Definition of

      Interest Rates on Advances

      Internal Rate of Return

      Inventory Turnover Ratio

      IT Software/IT Service, Meaning of

      Kannan Committee Report on Working Capital Finance and withdrawal of Prescription Relating to  MPBF

      Khadi and Village Industries, Sector

      Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCCS)

      Lead Bank Charges

      Lease Agreement, Parties to a

      Lease Vis‑a‑Vis Hire Purchase

      Leasing and Hire Purchase Activities Exposure Norms of Banks to

      Leasing, Advantages of

      Leasing, Disadvantages of

      Leasing, Type of

      Lending by All India Financial Institutions

      Lending Policies

      Letter of Credit

      Letter of Credit


      Life Insurance Corporation

      Lines of Credit

      Liquid Surplus

      Loan System for Delivery of Bank Credit, Introduction of

      Loans to Self‑Help Groups (SHGs)/NGOs/ Micro Credit

      Lok Adalats for Small Loan Cases

      Managerial Competence

      Margin, Concept of

      Minority Communities, Credit Facilities to

      MPBF, Withdrawal of Instructions relating to

      NABARD, Other Refinance Facilities

      NABARD, Production Credit

      NABARD, Refinance for Rural Housing Activity

      NABARD, Types of Refinance Facilities

      NABARD's Interest Rates on Schematic Refinance for Farm/Non‑Farm Sectors for all agencies

      National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD)

      National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC)

      National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC)

      National Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation

      National Small Industries Corporation Limited

      National Wastelands Development Board

      Net Present Value

      Nomination of Director

      Non‑Banking Financial Companies Prudential Norms (Reserve Bank) Directions, 1998

      Non‑Fund Based Facilities

      Non‑Fund Based Facilities

      Non‑Fund Based Facilities

      Non‑fund Based facilities, RBI guidelines on

      North‑Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFI)

      Operating Cycle Concept

      Operating Profit Ratio

      Operative Limits, Fixation of

      Options Value, Determinants of

      P.R. Nayak's Committee Report

      Personal Finance for Purchasing Cars

      Personal Finance for Purchasing Consumer Durables Including Two Wheelers

      Post Shipment Advances

      Post Shipment Credit on Deferred Payment Terms

      Post‑shipment Guarantee of ECGC

      Pre‑shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)

      Preshipment Credit

      Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana(PMRY)

      Priority Sector Advances

      Priority Sector Advances, Common Guidelines for

      Priority Sector Lending by Scheduled Commercial Banks (Excluding RRBs), Targets for

      Priority Sector, Lending to

      Priority Sector, Other Activities/Borrowers in the

      Professional & Self Employed Persons

      Profit & Loss Account of Non‑Corporate Manufacturing Entities

      Profit and Loss Account for Non Corporate Trading Entities

      Profitability Analysis

      Project Appraisal for Term Loan

      Project Cost, Determination of

      Project Financing

      Project Loan Application For of IDBI

      Project Report

      Project Report, Explanatory Notes on Certain Crucial Aspects of

      Project, Cost of

      Projected Balance Sheet

      Promoter's Contribution

      Proposal for Assistance

      Prudential Exposure Norms for Banks

      Prudential Exposure Norms for Financial Institutions

      Prudential Norms for Exposure Limits w.e.f. April, 2002

      QIS Statements, Non Submission of

      Quarterly Information System ‑ Form II For Manufacturers

      Quarterly Information System ‑ Form II for Traders & Merchant Exporters

      Quarterly Information System‑Form I for Traders and Merchant Exporters

      Quarterly Information System‑Form I for Manufacturers

      Quick or Acid test ratio

      R.V. Gupta Committee Recommendations

      Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993

      Repayment Period of Loans

      Reporting of Quarterly Data in 'Form A'

      Reporting, New System of

      Retail Trade

      Return on Investment Ratio

      Schedule of Rates of Interest, Fees and Other Charges in relation to Project Finance

      Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers (SLRS)

      Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002

      Selective Credit Control

      Sensitivity Analysis

      SFCs/SIDCs, Financial Assistance to Medium Scale Units

      SFCs/SIDCs, Financial Assistance to Small Scale Units

      SFCs/SIDCs, Procedure for Loan

      SFCs/SIDCs, Resources of & Refinance from IDBI/SIDBI

      SIDBI Offices

      SIDBI, Various Schemes of

      Small Business

      Small Industries Development Bank of India

      Small Road and Water Transport Operators

      Small Scale (Industry related) Service & Business Enterprise (SSSBE)

      Small Scale and Ancillary Industries

      Small Scale Industrial Units

      Small Scale Industries, Advances for

      Small Scale Service & Business Enterprises (SSSBE's)

      Small Scale Units, Financial Assistance to

      Small Scale Units, Registration of

      Software Industry

      Special Audit Report

      SSI Investment Limit

      SSI Units and Factoring

      State Financial Corporations (SFCs)

      State Financial Corporations, List of

      State Industrial Development Corporations (SIDCs)

      State Industrial Development Corporations, List of

      State Level Institutions

      State Sponsored Organisations for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes

      Style of Credit

      Swarana Jayanati Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)

      Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY)

      Syndication of Credit

      Tandon, Chore, Kannan and Certain Other Committees Recommendations

      Technical Feasibility

      Technology/Technical Process

      Term Lending Institutions

      Term Loans for Import of Second Hand Machinery, Grant of

      Tiny Enterprises

      Tiny Sector, Facilities to

      Total Indebtness Ratio

      Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited

      Unit Trust of India

      Venture Capital

      Working Capital Finance by Non -Consortium Financial Institution

      Working Capital Finance to Information Technology (IT) and Software Industry

      Working Capital Term Loan

      Working Capital, Assessment of

      Working Capital, Format for Assessment of