Arrangement of Sections



Chapter I


            1.         Short title, extent and commencement

            2.         Definitions

Chapter II

Prohibition of certain agreements, abuse
of dominant position and regulation of



            3.         Anti-competitive agreements


            4.         Abuse of dominant position


            5.         Combination

            6.         Regulation of combinations

Chapter III

Competition Commission of India

            7.         Establishment of Commission

            8.         Composition of Commission

            9.         Selection of Chairperson and other Members

            10.       Term of office of Chairperson and other Members

            11.       Resignation, removal and suspension of Chairperson and other  Members

            12.       Restriction on employment of Chairperson and other Members in certain cases

            13.       Financial and administrative powers of Member Administration

            14.       Salary and allowances and other terms and conditions of Services of Chairperson and other Members

            15.       Vacancy, etc., not to invalidate proceedings of Com­mission

            16.       Appointment of Director General, etc.

            17.       Registrar and officers and other employees of Commis­sion

Chapter IV

Duties, Powers and Functions of Commission

            18.       Duties of Commission

            19.       Inquiry into certain agreements and dominant position of enterprise

            20.       Inquiry into combination by Commission

            21.       Reference by statutory authority

            22.       Benches of Commission

            23.       Distribution of business amongst Commission and Bench­es

            24.       Procedure for deciding a case where Members of a Bench differ in opinion

            25.       Jurisdiction of Bench

            26.       Procedure for inquiry on complaints under section 19

            27.       Orders by Commission after inquiry into agreements or abuse of dominant position

            28.       Division of enterprise enjoying dominant position

            29.       Procedure for investigation of combinations

            30.       Inquiry into disclosures under sub-section (2) of section 6

            31.       Orders of Commission on certain combinations

            32.       Acts taking place outside India but having an effect on competition in India

            33.       Power to grant interim relief

            34.       Power to award compensation

            35.       Appearance before Commission

            36.       Power of Commission to regulate its own procedure

            37.       Review of orders of Commission

            38.       Rectification of orders

            39.       Execution of orders of Commission

            40.       Appeal

Chapter V

Duties of Director General

            41.       Director General to investigate contraventions

Chapter VI


            42.       Contravention of orders of Commission

            43.       Penalty for failure to comply with directions of Commission and Director General

            44.       Penalty for making false statement or omission to furnish material information

            45.       Penalty for offences in relation to furnishing of information

            46.       Power to impose lesser penalty

            47.       Crediting sums realised by way of penalties to Consolidated Fund of India

            48.       Contravention by companies

Chapter VII

Competition Advocacy

            49.       Competition advocacy

Chapter VIII

Finance, Accounts and Audit

            50.       Grants by Central Government

            51.       Constitution of Fund

            52.       Accounts and audit

            53.       Furnishing of returns, etc., to Central Government

Chapter IX


            54.       Power to exempt

            55.       Power of Central Government to issue directions

            56.       Power of Central Government to supersede Commission

            57.       Restriction on disclosure of information

          58.         Members, Director General, Registrar, officers and employees, etc., of Commission to be public   servants

            59.       Protection of action taken in good faith

            60.       Act to have overriding effect

            61.       Exclusion of jurisdiction of civil courts

            62.       Application of other laws not barred

            63.       Power to make rules

            64.       Power to make regulations

            65.       Power to remove difficulties

            66.       Repeal and saving