v      'Agenda' meaning of     

v      "Meeting" meaning of (Ss. 165, 166, 169, 285)    

v      'Notice' necessity of (Ss. 171, 286)        

v      Place, time and proper authority of notice (Ss. 170, 172, 286)      

v      Adjournment of meeting [Ss. 174(3)(4), 288]      

v      Quorum at the Board Meeting (S. 287)  

v      Quorum at the General Meeting (S. 174)            

v      Quorum when to be present (Ss. 174 (3) (5) and 288)     

v      Chairman & his duties (S. 175/Regulations 50 to 54 and 76)        

v      Common law, motion and resolution       




v      Agenda of Board Meetings       

v      Agenda of General Meetings     




v      Quorum for holding the general meeting (S. 174)            

v      Absence of quorum in a meeting [S. 174 (3) (4) (5)]       

v      Quorum in the case of joint members     

v      A body corporate as a member (S. 187)

v      Procedure for the appointment of a representative (Ss. 187, 187A and 187B)       

v      Appointment of more than one representative     

v      Presence of more than one representative          

v      Limited representation and period of validity       

v      A representative to act as a member [S. 187 (2)]           

v      Representative's authority to appoint proxy [S. 187 (2)]   

v      Representation of the President and Governors in the meetings of companies of which they are members (S.187-A)

v      Exercise of voting rights in respect of shares held in trust (S. 187-B)       

v      Trusts coming under the scope of section 187B  

v      Rights of the Public Trustee      

v      Chairman of a General Meeting (S. 175)            

v      Chairman and quorum   

v      Chairman's powers and functions (S. 178)          

v      Proxies            

v      Deposit of Proxy under SS-2 [ICSI]      

v      Deposit of Proxy Form by Fax  

v      Proxy for the adjourned meeting            

v      Form of Proxy [S. 176 (6) Schedule IX]

v      Execution of Proxies     

v      Issue of proxy by joint holders   

v      Proxy is a contract of agency    

v      Revocation of proxy     

v      Legal position of a proxy in case of death of the shareholder       

v      Proxy in blank  

v      Proxy and Stamp Duty  

v      Power of a proxy         

v      Inspection of Proxies    

v      Register for recording proxies   

v      Invitation to appoint proxies       

v      Attendance at a General Meeting          

v      Statutory Meeting (S. 165)        

v      Other Meeting and Proceedings            

v      Extension of time for holding Annual General Meeting [S. 166 (1) Second 


v      Venue of Annual General Meeting [S. 166 (2)]  

v      Annual General Meeting not to be held on public holiday

v      Power of Central Government to exempt           

v      Annual General Meeting of a Private Company [S. 166 (2) Second proviso]         

v      Annual General Meeting and laying of accounts of the company thereat  

v      Matters dealt with at an Annual General Meeting           

v      Annual General Meeting and Annual Accounts (Ss. 166, 210)     

v      Length of notice for calling the Annual General Meeting (S. 171)

v      Business to be transacted at Meeting (S. 173)    

v      Meaning of Ordinary Business and Special Business given under Secretarial 

Standard-2 [ICSI]         

v      Adoption of Annual Accounts (S. 210)   

v      Holding of Annual General Meeting where the annual accounts are not ready or 

available (S. 220)          

v      General Meeting to be called on authority of Resolution  

v      Adjournment of Annual General Meeting (S. 166 read with Regulation 53)           

v      Secretarial Standard-2 [ICSI] on Adjournment of General Meeting          

v      Power of Company Law Board to call meeting (S. 167)  

v      Default in holding Annual General Meeting (S. 168)        

v      Calling of Extraordinary General Meeting when requisitioned by members (S. 169)           

v      Power of Company Law Board to order calling of General Meeting (S.186)         

v      Requirement under Companies (Compliance Certificate) Rules, 2001       

v      Class meetings (S. 106 read with Annexure B to the Rules)        

v      What amounts to variation of rights (Ss. 106, 107)          

v      Meeting of the debenture-holders (Ss. 117, 120, 121 read with Annexure C to the 


v      General Meetings of the debenture-holders (Annexure C to the Rules)    

v      Minutes of the meeting of the debenture- holders (Annexure C to the Rules)        

v      Duties of the Secretary [S. 2 (45)]         

v      Secretary in relation to a General Meeting          

v      Secretary's duty relating to matters at the meeting          

v      Secretary's duty after the meeting         

v      Other duties of a Secretary prior to a General Meeting   

v      Length of notice for calling meeting (S. 171)      

v      Motions for consideration before the meeting     

v      Placing of a motion       

v      Seconding any motion   

v      Conduct of a General Meeting   

v      Poll at a General Meeting (S. 179)         

v      Demand for Poll (S. 179)          

v      Conducting of voting by poll (S. 180, 181, 182, 183)         

v      Secretarial Standard-2 [ICSI] on conduct of poll

v      Poll card          

v      Appointment of scrutineers (S. 184)                   

v      Scrutineers to supervise the poll (S. 184)            

v      Conducting of a poll (S. 185)     

v      Procedure of taking poll (S. 185)           

v      Treatment of amendment of a motion    

v      Chairman's casting vote (Regulation 54)

v      Declaration of results of voting (S. 178)

v      Resolution passed at an adjourned meeting         

v      Form of Proxy given in Annexure A to Secretarial Standard-2 [ICSI]      




v      Disposal of business (S. 291)

v      Board to meet at least once in every three calendar months (S. 285)

v      Notice of Board Meetings (S. 286)

v      Secretarial Standard- I [ICSI] on Notice of Board Meetings

v      Quorum for Board Meetings (S. 287)

v      Committee of the Board of Directors [S. 292 (1) proviso]

v      Audit committee (S. 292A)

v      Remuneration Committee

v      Procedure where meeting adjourned for want of quorum (S. 288)

v      Passing of resolution by circulation (S. 289)

v      Meetings of Board (Ss. 285-289)

v      Chairman

v      Committee of Directors (S. 292 r/w Regulations 77, 78 and 79)

v      Secretary (S. 383-A)

v       Duties of Secretary